“Covid-19 vaccine boost: Billionaire Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong to invest in Botswana”

The article mentions that the South African-born billionaire Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong looks set to establish a Covid-19 and cancer vaccine centre in “investor-friendly” Botswana. This was announced by Gaborone after Soon-Shiong and Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will, among other things, “initiate the transfer of biological manufacturing technology for Covid-19 […] “Nantworks to set up in Botswana”

The article that appears on mentions that the Press Secretary to the President, Batlhalefi David Leagajang recently announced Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong’s intentions of doing business in Botswana saying that “the Government of Botswana is confident that Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) vaccines will be manufactured in Botswana in the near future”. The article presents that Botswana and NantWorks signed a Memorandum of Understanding on […]

MmegiOnline: “Masisi’s multi-billionaire vaccine connection vows to deliver”

MmegiOnline’s staff writer reports that Patrick Soon-Shiong, a South African-born multibillionaire based in the US, is vowing to move quickly beyond the agreement he signed recently with Botswana and speedily establish vaccine manufacturing in the country. While well-meaning Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) have been signed before with little ground or progress made after that, Soon-Shiong […]

inRES Board gets bigger with two important additions

Dr Paula Kahumbu and Ms. Gogontlejang Phaladi, two important ladies-leaders in Africa regarding issues such as nature, wildlife, poverty, equity and dignity have been welcomed in inRES Board. Given their experience and expertise, they are considered a valuable addition to the Board of the organisation.  Paula Kahumbu is one of Africa’s best-known wildlife conservationists.  She is the CEO […]

1st inRES General Assembly: main decisions taken

Given the Corona virus pandemic, the 1st inRES General Assembly (GA) was held online at 26th of March. The Board members gathered and discussed the association’s main issues in order to make decisions and approve the necessary reports. During the one-hour online meeting, the current status of our project was explained, the planned activities for […]

MAUN SCIENCE PARK: A state-of-the-art project for resilient and sustainable living in Botswana

President Masisi expresses his warmest support to the Maun Science Park, a state-of-the-art project for resilient and sustainable living in Botswana “Botswana is moving from a resource-led to a knowledge based economy. Therefore my government is currently implementing transformative reforms to make our services and products more future ready and thus more competitive in the […]