1st inRES General Assembly: main decisions taken

Figure: (from left to right – Bühler M., Royo A., Hartman J., Leyman F., Nübel K., Bakker R., Lienhard J., Michalski A., Møller M., Bock T., HERO, W.)

Given the Corona virus pandemic, the 1st inRES General Assembly (GA) was held online at 26th of March. The Board members gathered and discussed the association’s main issues in order to make decisions and approve the necessary reports. During the one-hour online meeting, the current status of our project was explained, the planned activities for the near future were presented, various other matters were discussed and the next GA date was decided. 

In a nutshell, the main decisions taken by the General Assembly were:

1. The General Assembly unanimously confirmed the composition of the Board as follows:

  • BÜHLER, Michael Max: Board member, and Vice-Chair 
  • COTTRELL JR, James Harvey: Board member, Secretary, and Ethics Committee Chair 
  • DÖRJE, Niels: Board member, and Investment Committee Chair 
  • HARTMAN, Jan: Board member 
  • HERO, Warren Lloyd: Board member, and Chairperson 
  • KOULOLIAS, Vasilis: Board member, and Project Committee Chair 
  • LEYMAN, Frank: Board member, and Treasurer 
  • MØLLER, Morten Olfert: Board member 
  • MOREMI, Tawana: Board member 
  • NÜBEL, Konrad: Board member 
  • VALLÈS, Pere: Board member, and Vice-Secretary

The Board composition should now be properly gazetted.

2. The Chairperson’s Report was approved unanimously.

3. The Financial Report was approved unanimously.

4. The 2021 Budget was approved unanimously.

5. The Project Status Report was approved unanimously.

6. The Governance Report was approved unanimously.

7. The appointment of Albert Royo as the inRES Executive Director was approved unanimously.

8. The 2022 General Assembly will take place on 25 March 2022.