Our Objectives

To address the current environmental challenges, we need to stimulate a shift towards a transformation in the way we live and build. inRES provides leadership in experimentation, local community engagement and institutional changes as the answer to our global environmental challenges.

inRES’ objectives are as follows:

  • Address three great challenges: Climate change, demographics, and governance. We will facilitate the development of pilot communities as use cases to better address local and global challenges in practical terms. Our assertion is clear: Technology is our ally and it will be crucial for addressing the above challenges. The broad sectors the Smart Multi-Generational Sustainable Community will focus on are: Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Energy, Construction and Social Cohesion. We have concluded that changes in these sectors are crucial to achieve a change in the way we work and live and therefore are high priority for the future of humanity and the environment alike and to achieve sustainability.

  • Advance a governance model that enrich and enhance the citizens participation in decision making at all levels also through enhanced deployment of information technology and telecommunications: This will be served by (a) creating online communities (citizen observatories) for deliberation and decision on community challenges; (b) providing education through accredited academic institutions on how best to utilize information technology and telecommunications to promote democracy; and (c) developing more effective practices for improving citizens participation in the decisions regarding the usage of information technology and telecommunications by governments and citizens.

  • Promote research and publications, sponsor conferences and other events: Sponsor educational seminars or courses with academia on the usage of information technology and telecommunications, thereby offering a platform for dialogue. The foundation will work with academia, other not for profit organizations and with international organizations.